I own a property in an EZW zone, can I sell/transfer it?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your property to another entity, providing you and the new owner have satisfied a number of transfer criteria. This is only applicable where a company has constructed facilities upon a plot of land.

What documents as a seller do I need to provide?

1. Letter of intent to sell the facility
2. Evaluation Report (to be carried out by the Jafza approved property evaluators)
3. As Built Drawings (hard copy & CD)
4. Building Completion Certificate

What is the process for transferring a property in an EZW zone?

Please find the attached Buyer/Seller checklist attached here

What are the costs for transferring a property?

EZW charges 2% to both parties in the transaction. This fee is a percentage of either:
The transfer price as agreed on contract between both parties.


The independent third party property valuer’s opinion of value that is provided in the report submitted to EZW as part of the transfer process.

I have a tenant who is not a current customer of EZW, can they buy my property and obtain a trade licence to operate from it?

Yes, it is possible to form a new company and acquire a property in EZW zones.

Who can provide a valuation of my property?

We have an number of companies who are approved to value properties in our zone, please contact us for a list of these providers.