What is EZW?

Please visit www.ezw.ae for information

What is Jafza?

Please visit www.jafza.ae for information

What is National Industries Park?

Please visit http://nationalindustriespark.ae/ for more information

What are the Jafza rules and regulations?

Please visit www.jafza.ae/customers/important-information/ for the latest copy of our rules and regulations.

How can I use the Property Listing website?

If you have expansion needs and are looking for property in one of our zones, then you can use this website to search for available properties as well as submitting a property requirement via the Enquiry page.

If you currently own a property within one of our zones and it is surplus to your requirement, you can use the website to to list your property for sale or rent.

How do I list my property for rent or sale?

If you wish to list your property for transfer or rent on this website, please fill in the List your property form. When we have received your completed form and your property data (photographs, floor plans) we will qualify the information in order to list on the website.

If you wish to appoint a licensed real estate broker and would like them to list the property on your behalf, then we would require the broker to complete the Real Estate Broker Consent Form which is located on the List your property page.

Is there a cost to list my property on this website?

No, EZW does not charge to list properties for sale or rent on this website.

How do I edit or amend my property listing details?

Please contact our property listing administrator at ezw.propertylisting@ezw.com

I no longer wish to list my property on the website, how do I delete my property listing?

Please contact our property listing administrator via the Contact page.

I am a current EZW customer and want to expand, what are my options?

Please use the website to search for available properties. If there is nothing listed on the website that is suitable, please fill out the form on our Enquiry page to register your requirement with us.

There is nothing suitable for me listed on the website, do EZW offer bespoke property solutions?

Yes, EZW offers Customised Solutions for new and existing customers. Please visit the Customised Solutions page on this website for further information and fill out the Enquiry page if you wish to register a requirement with us.

How do I search for properties on your website?

Please visit the homepage and use the search bar tool to search for currently available properties in our zones. You can use the options in the search bar tool to filter the search results.